Franchises – Where To Begin?

With thousands of franchises available, it can be hard to know where to look for good business franchise information. The trick is to find the true facts and figures, rather than just the sales pitch that the franchisors want you to hear. Here are the top places you’ll find franchise information in the kind of […]

Food Franchises

Power Of Brand For Food Franchises The fast food franchise is probably the first kind of business that springs to mind when you think of successful brands in the franchise world. Names like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken spread the fast food message and genre across the world since the 1960s and have become synonomous […]

Pros & Cons Of Retail Franchises

There’s a retail franchise opportunity to fit just about everybody’s dream of becoming a retailer, whether you want to open a fast food restaurant, a shoe shop or a computer store. Before you decide to open a retail franchise, consider these factors to make sure it’s going to be for you… Seasonal Trade Most retailers […]

The Truth Behind Franchise Success Rates

You’ve probably heard the statistics a few times already. Friends, magazines, franchisors, consultants and even banks quote that 80% of small businesses will fail in just one year, while 90% of franchises are still going at five years. It’s really common to hear these two statistics quoted together and they make it sound like franchises […]

Could A Food Franchise Be Your Recipe For Success?

If making money from food appeals to you, there’s almost certainly a food franchise opportunity that will be a good fit for you. Looking at the number of different search phrases on Google, it certainly looks like food and restaurants attract the most interest from potential franchisees. There is everything from home food delivery, fast […]

Is A Fast Food Restaurant a Good Investment?

You can think of fast food as a pit-stop for people. The whole point of fast food is to quickly satisfy your customer’s hunger with a tasty, cost effective meal that they don’t have to wait around for. That’s precisely what the fast food franchise opportunity is all about – cashing in on people who […]

Pick A Top Franchisor For Your Startup Business

If it were possible to create a hot franchise list, here at Franchise Opportunity Guru we’d base it purely on average franchisee profitability and percentage of franchisees signing up for a second term of their franchise agreement. You see, making money and a proven track record of satisfied franchisees are two critical criteria to help […]

Unbiased Franchise Buying Advice

Choosing to buy a franchise can be a quick and safe route to owning your own successful business. The journey to successful business ownership comes at a price though – your franchise agreement locks you in for a number of years – typically 5 or more. So choose wisely, to make sure you find something […]

Watch Out For Franchise Indigestion!

Choosing a food franchise can be a great way to go into business if you go for a very well proven franchisor with lots of successful outlets. However, there are a lot of food franchises as it’s one of the biggest sectors in franchising and there are lots of people starting franchises that don’t stand […]

5 Key Questions To Ask Restaurant Franchisors

Restaurants are tricky to get right and just because you’re getting a franchise brand name doesn’t guarantee success. Investing in a restaurant franchise opportunity is a decision that will involve raising large sums of money and you want to be confident that you’re getting into a “sure thing” rather than slowly going broke. In this […]