Franchises – Where To Begin?

With thousands of franchises available, it can be hard to know where to look for good business franchise information. The trick is to find the true facts and figures, rather than just the sales pitch that the franchisors want you to hear.

Here are the top places you’ll find franchise information in the kind of bulk that’s helpful at the start of your search to find out about great business opportunities.

Franchise Directories
There are lots of these online and you’ll find that each offers different quality and quantity of information. As well as the franchise directory on Franchise Opportunity Guru, you’ll discover lots of other franchise directories on line with varying quality of information in them. These are a great place to get a feel for the wide range of franchises on offer and also get contact details so that you can take the next step in finding out more.

Franchise Show & Franchise Expo A great place to go to see lots of franchisors in one day is a franchise show or expo. Each franchisor there will have a stand and materials with examples of their business products and services. You’ll be able to speak to them and find out some basic information. In exchange they’ll want to get your details and you can expect that the sales teams will give you a call afterwards, too, if they’re on the ball! The franchise shows are one of our favourite methods of browsing a large number of franchises in one go.

Franchise Magazines You’ll find that there are a bunch of publications dedicated to franchising available from your local newsagents or book store. Remember, though, that these publications are either produced by the franchise assocations themselves, or they’re funded by advertising for the franchises. As a result the information you’ll get from this will rarely be objective.

Franchise Associations Most countries with a developed range of franchises will have a national franchising association. This is a membership organisation for the franchisors that represents franchising as a topic to the press, to government and to potential franchisees too. As it’s in their interest to promote franchising, you’ll find a long list of members in these associations.
The list above should give you a great starting point for researching about franchise opportunities. If you want to explore the darker side of franchising, to discover whether or not a franchise is behaving well towards its franchisees, try searching on Google for the name of the franchise along with words like “scam”, “cheat”, “fraud”, “abuse”, or similar to see what you can find. At least you’ll be going in with your eyes wide open then, won’t you?

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