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Dear Friend,

Is your head spinning with ideas for starting a business? Are you wondering if the best way to start your own business is to buy a franchise?

Maybe you have spoken to friends and family who have told you that a franchise is the safe way to build a business. But do they know the real facts behind the franchise figures? Have they met a whole bunch of franchisees who are angry that their franchisors lied to them?

You know the power of inside knowledge, but who do you know on the inside that will tell you all the secrets, tips and tricks to get you off on the right foot in business?


Because I can help…

My name is Lee Duncan, editor and creator of The Franchise Opportunity Guru. While you may not know me, I have helped countless people through difficult franchise decisions. I have interviewed and grilled franchisees and ex-franchisees to find out what works and what spells failure in big letters for a franchisee.

Now it’s time to spill the beans, to tell the stories that so far the franchisors have kept quietly hidden away in the darkest recesses of their business. The things that they do to maximise their profits that sometimes mean you make nothing as a franchisee.

Helping franchisees to grow their business from nothing until they were big and strong enough to buy another franchise territory. And working with ex-franchisees to recover from the shattered dreams that a bad franchisor can give you.

Finally I could take no more. Bad franchisors sit quietly and steal millions every year. Somebody had to act. The record needs putting straight. Honest working folk like you and me need somebody to protect us from the modern snake-oil sellers.


Nobody is going to tell you the facts about franchise agreements because they’re all in on the deal. Just ask anybody who has tried to get out of a franchise early – the contract has you tied up and cooked like a hog-roast.

Finally I was compelled to write a comprehensive guide to help you research and assess franchises for yourself.

On this page you’ll find a whole load of great advice and information that’s been learnt by people who’ve actually bought and run franchises themselves.

Avoid The Bad Franchise Nightmare

When you buy a franchise, you invest tens of thousands before you even open your doors for business.  Even then, you’ve still got to put in the long, hard hours to get your business off the ground and profitable.

But what if the franchise you buy is plain awful, doesn’t work or even worse, the franchisor was just lying to take your money off you?

Or maybe you’re just not the right sort of personality who would be
successful in franchising.

When these things happen, your franchise opportunity turns into a franchise nightmare…

Your savings get eaten up really fast and you could even end up with no business, no money and no way to start over again.

Now You Can Learn The Right Questions To Ask…

Clearly, you’ll agree that you need to ask the right questions of yourself, the franchisor and other franchisees before you reach any decisions about which franchise to buy, or even if you should buy a franchise at all.

The tricky thing is, if you’ve never bought a franchise before, you don’t know what the right questions are to ask.

For example, with a franchise it’s often the case that you’ll have your own exclusive operating territory. But is that territory guaranteed to stay the same area through your whole franchise agreement?

And if the franchise agreement has to be renewed in 5 years, could the franchisor cut your territory in half, without your agreement?

One close friend had to give back half of his franchise territory, along with details of all of his customers within it, so the franchisor could keep selling to them. Just think about it – the franchisor “stole” his customers, legally, from right under his nose.

He lost half his business overnight.  There was no option to discuss or negotiate.  The franchisor wanted to sell more franchises and so carved up existing territory

To make this even tougher, my client was in the top 3 franchisees of the whole network and was still treated badly.  He sold his franchise and left, because he realised he couldn’t trust his franchisor to deal honestly with him.  But it didn’t put him off franchises – he loves the upside of franchising and is working to buy another one right now.

Stories like this aren’t obvious if you’ve never done it before, or even if you have, there are lots of tricks and quirks within the many franchisees that we’ve dealt with that really give you a new way of thinking, to make sure you get a deal that’s fair for you as well as the franchisor.

Another interesting fact from an independent report suggests that around 70% of franchise operations fail within 10 years of starting.  That’s not franchisees either – that’s the whole operation from soup to nuts.  How would you feel if you’ve paid over $50,000 to a franchisor who then goes out of business, leaving you without support and with nothing to show for your investment?

As you will already be thinking, you will need to do your franchise research properly before you make your investment.

But Where Can You Find Unbiased Franchise Advice?

The trouble is, there’s nobody around you who can give you really unbiased advice.  The franchisor is the expert in franchising, but he’s trying to sell to you, so he won’t give you the answers.

The franchise associations were started by the franchisors themselves, so they have a huge bias, too.  Why is it that no franchise association has ever done a proper survey to compare similar businesses both in and out of franchises, to see which is best for the franchisee.  The reason is very simple – many of their members – the franchisors – don’t want to be too closely examined…

Your bank manager loves lending you money for business, and a big lump sum like a franchise is ideal, so don’t expect proper impartial advice there, either.

In fact, even your accountant will like the idea of more transactions, so he’s hardly going to scream “NO!” at you.

So you are left with nobody who will, or is even able, to give you clear, unbiased, real-world advice.

Obviously, when you’re making a big investment, you need to know what you’re doing.

The Power Of A Great Franchise…

Now just imagine for a moment that you’ve managed to buy a good franchise and you’ve got a great deal on it too.

Just a few months down the line, you could be opening your doors to smiling customers and their friends as they come back again and again.  Once you’re making money, you’ll know you bought a good franchise.

Just A Few Questions…


  • How do you know that your personality suits being a franchisee? Don’t make a huge investment that’s wasted because you hate it…
  • Why you should go for a “business format” franchise and save yourself thousands in business development effort
  • Where can you find information on thousands of franchises?
  • What questions must you ask to eliminate poor franchises quickly, so you don’t waste your time on a worthless business?
  • Why you want to keep a short list of 3 franchisors, even if you decide you like just one (hint – it’s all about getting a great deal)
  • What questions must you ask before you part with your money – so you avoid being ripped off?
  • What is the real purpose of the franchise agreement – and how can you put the balance back in your favour so you don’t lose your house if your business fails
  • How to negotiate a better deal than other franchisees so you know you’ve got a bargain

You Need Advice That’s Impartial…

Clearly, it would make your life a lot easier to have a friend who’s experienced in franchising and will give you unbiased advice

Ideally your friend would be somebody who’s been on the inside of running a franchise, somebody who’s been there before.

You could find out all the questions you need to ask, get tips on spotting the cheats and know what to get taken out or put into your contract before you sign up.

Maybe you’d also get some tips for negotiating your contract. Perhaps you might even get some business tips to get business off to a flying start…

I’m a former franchisee. I had a dream to work for myself and escape my big-business career. I knew deep down I just had to get out and create a real business to call my own.

Are You A Big Gambler?

I was a high-flying executive before I bought a franchise. I ran negotiations on a huge scale, including one deal that was worth over $120 Million Dollars for a 5 year services contract. It seems a crazy amount of money now, but I did it. I thought I was a great negotiator…

When I was talking to franchisors I thought I was sharp and street-wise. I wasn’t.

You see, without experience I didn’t have the knowledge I needed. And the saying goes that knowledge is power. So I trusted my advisors – the bank, accountant and lawyer.

In the end, I know I could have saved myself money, time and a lot of hassle. The trouble is, if I’m honest, despite my experience, I didn’t have a clue what to ask about the specialist world of franchising.

So I did what most everybody does. You just think up as many questions as you can and hope you’ve got it all covered, but then turn over and over in bed, wondering if you really have everything covered…

Just three years later, I finally accepted that franchising was not for me. I was a bad fit for somebody else’s systems. I like to create my own path too much. The cost? A huge chunk of my life savings, just like that. Plus the aggravation of having to figure out how to exit a water-tight franchise agreement early. Thankfully those sleepless nights are now behind me…

Now you can benefit from what I learnt…

The Big Lie: “You Can’t Change Franchise Contracts”…

One thing you’ll be told again and again when you buy a franchise is that the contract is not negotiable.

That’s just pure bullsh*t. Sorry for my bad language there, but I get so angry when I hear smart people saying this. And even angrier when those smart people are so-called “trusted advisors”. I was told this by the franchisor, my lawyer, bank manager, accountants, friends and even family. Everybody believes this. And it’s completely wrong.

It’s a myth the franchisors want you to believe. Because it makes their job of selling you into a water-tight, Houdini-proof straight-jacket franchise agreement so easy.

Of course, there will be lots of things they won’t want to change, there will be a few things they definitely will not change too. But there are plenty of really important things that you can get softened, altered, or removed completely just by asking – in the right way, of course…

Why They Will Change The Contract For YOU

It’s really simple – it’s because you have the money and they want to get it! You’re the customer, and they want you to buy. If they can’t get you to accept their terms and they really need you as a customer, they’ll accept your changes. There aren’t many people around who are willing and able to invest $25,000-$200,000 or more on a business franchise.

Of course, not every franchise needs to be so flexible. Just take a big, 25 year old franchise with a household name that’s doing really well. They will have a queue of people wanting to buy because of their track record. They won’t need to bend, so they won’t. But most franchisors aren’t like that at all…

Introducing The Franchise Opportunity Workbook

Cover of The Franchise Opportunity Workbook
At first I planned to put some tips together as a free download for my clients and friends. In fact, you may already have registered for your free copy of The 7 Myths Of Franchising somewhere else on this site (there’s a sign-up box on every other page for it).

However, as I began to consider how much knowledge I needed to give you, plus all of the questions you need to ask, there was just too much to for a quick 10 page “free report”.

That’s why I wrote The Franchise Opportunity Workbook. I distilled everything that I know about buying a franchise into a content packed 127 page book.


You can buy and download it on this page. But first, let’s explore what you will find inside it…

  • Why your risk can be much greater with a franchise than without – and how you can reduce the risk by using our strict criteria for better franchises
  • Top strengths every franchisee needs for success – save yourself from expensive mistakes
  • The knowledge you’ll get covers any region, but there is content specifically for the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore
  • How to quickly create a big list of franchises to look at and then save time by chopping the list down fast using the techniques you’ll learn
  • The slick sales skills franchisors use to get you to say “Yes” quickly – so that you’ll know when you’re being rushed and when to take a breath and walk away to think clearly
  • 22 page questionnaire to assess your franchise and yourself – so that you’ll know all the questions to ask to stop you wasting money on a bad franchise
  • Sanity-Checks you MUST do before signing anything – to keep you from running with your emotions on a bad deal
  • How and why franchises make less profit than non-franchised businesses – to help you build a more accurate sales and profits forecast
  • How to spot a franchise in decline – so you can avoid buying into a shrinking marketplace
  • Why buying a franchise that you find interesting helps you – to make you more successful more quickly
  • How to hire great professional advisers – the questions to ask your advisors to make sure they’re good at their jobs, not just good at talking
  • How to spot “Bear-Traps” hidden in your franchise agreement – so that you don’t get suckered into signing something you’ll regret for years
  • Why you MUST negotiate and not buy a franchises without making changes – understanding this can save you thousands over the life of your franchise
  • Negotiation skills and how a “fixed” franchise agreement can be changed to be better for your business success
  • Ways to finance your franchise purchase and startup months – to help you raise money fast
  • Tips to get your new business off to a flying start – because you’ll want to get a return on your investment as quickly as possible – these proven tips get you out of the gates fast
  • Many more “nuggets” too. There’s no training course that covers franchise buying – this is the most unbiased advice so you can have stronger peace of mind that you’re making a good investment

The knowledge in this book is not in any theoretical text book on franchises, it’s not in the articles you’ll find in franchising magazines and it’s certainly not available on the “free advice” Internet sites – because all the other advice is written or sponsored by the franchisors themselves…


Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t believe that the Franchise Opportunity Workbook provides you with more information, ideas and knowledge, plus a practical step-by-step approach to buying a franchise, we need to know about it!

You have a full 30 days to let me know that you’re not completely satisfied with this workbook. If you send me a note within 60 days of buying the book, I’ll refund your money in full.

I’m willing to do this, because, frankly, investing $10,000 or more in a franchise is a serious business and the tiny $57 investment in this book to make sure you get it right is a complete no-brainer.

I know that if I help you with my book, helping you to avoid getting ripped off by a bad franchise, you won’t rip me off either.

To hire my services to teach you, through consulting, the lessons that are in this book would cost you $400 per hour. That’s my standard charge-out rate to my clients who use my knowledge and services to grow their businesses.

It’s time that you made up your mind to save an expensive franchise mistake – invest just $57 now for the most powerful independent advice you’ll find on buying a franchise.

It’s a much smarter investment than blowing $20,000 or more on the wrong franchise…

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With what you learn from this book, you will feel far more prepared and be far better equipped to get the best possible deal for your franchise. You’ll also know how to quickly filter out the franchises to avoid.


Best Wishes For Success In Business,


Lee Duncan — author of The Franchise Opportunity Workbook


P.S. Do yourself a favour, this really is very simple.

Most franchisees only realise the scale of the commitment they have made once they are tied into it. They also had no idea how good or bad their franchise was when they bought.


You have 30 days to think about whether this book has been good value for you because of our full money-back guarantee. Don’t make the same mistakes that others have done – get the expert help you deserve now for just $57