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Power Of Brand For Food Franchises

The fast food franchise is probably the first kind of business that springs to mind when you think of successful brands in the franchise world.

Names like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken spread the fast food message and genre across the world since the 1960s and have become synonomous with successful franchise ownership ever since.

There’s So Much Choice…

If you’re looking for a fast food franchise you’ll find there’s a lot of choice available. In the franchise directories you’ll find that fast foods are very well represented.

To help you choose, you might find it helpful to think for yourself what the future holds for food trends.

Super Size Me…

In the 1990s McDonald’s found it very tough as the market turned against burgers and fatty foods. Since then there’s been a constant back-lash against the unhealthy eating that some commentators suggest are encouraged through fast food restaurants.

The film “Super Size Me” from 2004 features the writer and director, Morgan Spurlock, living for a month on a diet exclusively from McDonald’s.

Obviously an unfair exercise, because nobody in their right minds would eat fast food three times per day. But it produced very bad press for all fast food restaurants, and nobody would have wanted to be a McDonald’s franchisee at that moment!

So before you head at full speed down the fast food franchise track, you might just want to contemplate for a few moments the way in which diet is becoming an increasing topic of conversation.

New Brands

It’s possible that all the bad press around the traditional fast food outlets like burger and coated chicken has helped to switch diner loyalties towards other types of fast food outlet, like sandwich bars and coffee shops that seem to have become the new fast food big names.

At the same time, though, you’ve got to consider the massive power of a big brand name that’s recognised in countries throughout the world.

In any top ten brands of the world exercise, McDonald’s famous golden arches will appear somewhere in the mix, because with other 30,000 restaurants according to their annual report, they remain a massively popular restaurant.

Can I Take Your Order?

Once you’ve reached your own position on fast food futures, you can think about the kinds of business you’d like to be in, from the traditional fast food joint offered by a Burger King, McDonalds or Kentucky Friend Chicken, through to some interesting alternatives like Subway, Dominoes or Papa Murphy’s pizza outlets right through to nacho and more specialised fast food franchises.

Remember though, whatever you choose, the brand name for your fast food restaurant is likely to be a very important factor in your success.

That’s because the name is synonymous with the food you’ll serve and brand strength tends to dictate market share. For example Coca Cola has around 30% bigger market share than Pepsi Cola, beating it’s rival in almost every country around the world.

Brand & System In Harmony

This brand power is what you’ll want to buy into with a big name franchise, as well as their powerful business systems.

It’s also what will make the food franchise with the strongest brand more expensive and less flexible than the rest of them!

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  1. Joe says:

    Great overview of the food franchise industry. I think the brand power is indeed what really puts these ahead of the game since most of the fast food brands are household names to most of us. If you are on a tight budget though many of these will be out of reach but there are still some good cheaper options such as coffee or cafe type franchises out there which may require less investment. I’ve even seen sandwich delivery type franchises which don’t even require retail premises.