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Will Dairy Queen Franchise Lose Its Identity?

Will Dairy Queen Franchise Lose Its Identity?

There’s something very appealing about the Dairy Queen franchise. Created from the gem of an idea in 1938 to serve ice-cream that’s soft directly from the freezer, it’s gradually grown to embrace not only ice-cream but also less romantic fast-food fare like burgers, hot dogs. Owned by Warren Buffett’s investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway, the Dairy […]

Restaurant Franchise – Location, Location, Location!

What’s often said of property for investment is also said of a restaurant franchise opportunity – the keys to success are three things – location, location and location! On top of that, with a franchise food outlet you’re also going to want a recognisable brand name that will attract customers into you, rather than your […]

Food Franchises

Power Of Brand For Food Franchises The fast food franchise is probably the first kind of business that springs to mind when you think of successful brands in the franchise world. Names like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken spread the fast food message and genre across the world since the 1960s and have become synonomous […]

Could A Food Franchise Be Your Recipe For Success?

If making money from food appeals to you, there’s almost certainly a food franchise opportunity that will be a good fit for you. Looking at the number of different search phrases on Google, it certainly looks like food and restaurants attract the most interest from potential franchisees. There is everything from home food delivery, fast […]

Is A Fast Food Restaurant a Good Investment?

You can think of fast food as a pit-stop for people. The whole point of fast food is to quickly satisfy your customer’s hunger with a tasty, cost effective meal that they don’t have to wait around for. That’s precisely what the fast food franchise opportunity is all about – cashing in on people who […]

Watch Out For Franchise Indigestion!

Choosing a food franchise can be a great way to go into business if you go for a very well proven franchisor with lots of successful outlets. However, there are a lot of food franchises as it’s one of the biggest sectors in franchising and there are lots of people starting franchises that don’t stand […]

5 Key Questions To Ask Restaurant Franchisors

Restaurants are tricky to get right and just because you’re getting a franchise brand name doesn’t guarantee success. Investing in a restaurant franchise opportunity is a decision that will involve raising large sums of money and you want to be confident that you’re getting into a “sure thing” rather than slowly going broke. In this […]