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10 Questions To Ask A Franchise Business Consultant

Buying a franchise is a huge decision and it’s a complicated process to go through. Finding a franchise business consultant to guide you can seem like a great idea. Here are our top 10 questions to ask a consultant before hiring her to help you… 1. What’s the fee structure – how much do they […]

Exposed – 95% Of Franchise Advice Is Biased

First of all, why is independent franchise advice so important to you? Because just about everybody you speak to in a professional capacity about franchising wants you to buy a franchise. Let’s just go over your options to more clearly make the point… Franchise Associations – the franchise associations, such as The International Franchise Association […]

The Truth Behind Franchise Success Rates

You’ve probably heard the statistics a few times already. Friends, magazines, franchisors, consultants and even banks quote that 80% of small businesses will fail in just one year, while 90% of franchises are still going at five years. It’s really common to hear these two statistics quoted together and they make it sound like franchises […]

Franchise Consultant

It seems to make perfect sense… Hire an expert to help you buy a franchise and they’ll take care of all the gritty details so that you can concentrate on owning your own business startup. Unfortunately life isn’t quite this simple. While there are truly independent franchise consultants, in reality, many of them are really […]