The Conundrum Of Business Coaching Franchises

Popular among former business executives and sales people, the business coaching franchise offers the allure of working from home in a lifestyle business while generating revenues similar to, or even better than, high flying corporate positions. So can a franchised business coach actually enjoy these kinds of benefits? A quick search on Google reveals that […]

Will Dairy Queen Franchise Lose Its Identity?

Will Dairy Queen Franchise Lose Its Identity?

There’s something very appealing about the Dairy Queen franchise. Created from the gem of an idea in 1938 to serve ice-cream that’s soft directly from the freezer, it’s gradually grown to embrace not only ice-cream but also less romantic fast-food fare like burgers, hot dogs. Owned by Warren Buffett’s investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway, the Dairy […]

Restaurant Franchise – Location, Location, Location!

What’s often said of property for investment is also said of a restaurant franchise opportunity – the keys to success are three things – location, location and location! On top of that, with a franchise food outlet you’re also going to want a recognisable brand name that will attract customers into you, rather than your […]

10 Questions To Ask A Franchise Business Consultant

Buying a franchise is a huge decision and it’s a complicated process to go through. Finding a franchise business consultant to guide you can seem like a great idea. Here are our top 10 questions to ask a consultant before hiring her to help you… 1. What’s the fee structure – how much do they […]

7 Hidden Costs Of Franchise Ownership

When thinking about franchise cost it’s normal to think about the franchisor being in the same boat as you and as being dependent upon your success. In truth they are in a different business – the business of supporting your franchise. Make sure that the costs of being in business stack up. Consider choosing a […]

Unwrapped – The Two Types Of Retail Franchises

Typically a retail franchise opportunity will fall into one of two broad types – business format franchises or brand/product franchises. There’s a massive difference between the two types, and you need to be very clear what you’re investing in when choosing either. Let’s look at these in more detail… Business Format Franchising Investing in a […]

Exposed – 95% Of Franchise Advice Is Biased

First of all, why is independent franchise advice so important to you? Because just about everybody you speak to in a professional capacity about franchising wants you to buy a franchise. Let’s just go over your options to more clearly make the point… Franchise Associations – the franchise associations, such as The International Franchise Association […]

How To Pick A Winning Franchise

If you’re at the start of your franchise journey and are trying to figure out which is the best business franchise, this article will help by giving you five simple steps to eliminate the poor performers and leave the best franchises from which you can pick your winner. There are estimated to be over 3,000 […]

Franchise Guide – How To Choose A Franchise That Works Well For You

This franchise guide explains the benefits of investing in a good franchise business. Franchises provide you with the opportunity to start up your own business with a proven business model, the support of an organisation that specialises in helping its franchisees to be successful, and sometimes the power of a brand name that people know […]

Getting The Most Out Of A Franchise Show

Going to a franchise show (often called an expo) is one of the very best ways to get up close and personal with a wide range of franchisors and see what they’ve got to offer. This article explains a great way to get maximum value from your time at the franchise shows and to make […]